Friday, 25 July 2014

New Arrivals For Sale At The Gift Counter!

We will now be offering two new DVD's at our gift counter for $10 each!

 "The Sullivan" (2000) is a narrated film, originally intended to be used as a brief historical record. The film follows miners underground and discusses the history of the mine."No Man Is An Island" (1949) Is an old Cominco promotional film made in the peak of the Sullivan mines operations.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New Additions To The Museums Gift Shop!

    Come check out some of the new additions we have made to the Kimberley Heritage Museum gift shop!

                              Greeting and Postcard Colouring Kit (As shown below) includes:

                                        ~ 1 pack of 24 crayons
                                        ~ 5 postcards, reverse side blank
       ~ Assortment of "Happy Birthday" and "Thank You" cards, blank inside, fill in your own greeting!
                                       ~ 10 envelopes
                                       ~ All enclosed in a lovely carrying case handmade in Kimberley, B.C

                                  Novelty Postcards of Canadian Wildlife (below) includes:

                                              ~ One cut-out, 3D postcard (Beaver, Moose, or Bear)
                                              ~ Assembly instructions 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Canadian Invention: The Electric Kettle

         No one knows who pioneered the first electric kettle, but we know for sure it is a Canadian original. Legend has it an unknown engineer in the steel stamping factory at Canadian Motor Lamp Company saw a headlight of a McLaughlin Buick and thought that, turned upside-down, would make a perfect receptacle for an electrical coil. From this concept, in 1940, the electric kettle was born. Fred Moffatt, an industrial designer at Canadian General Electric in Ontario, was given the task of improving the design and Moffatt's is the name we associate with the iconic "K42" kettle.

        One of Moffatt's improvements was to raise the handle away from the kettle's hot exterior, to avoid burned knuckles. Moffatt also improved the spout to prevent spillage.

        The kettle's dome was created by drawing a flat circular sheet of brass using a powerful hydraulic press. Over fourty separate parts were incorporated into the first model, including a steel base plate and Bakelite handle. The gleaming shine was achieved by a process using sixteen separate polishing steps.

     This amazing Canadian invention will be showcased at the Museum, so stop by and take a look!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer Students 2014

Summer is here once again and with it our two new summer students!

Our names are Barbara and Emma and we are very excited to learn and share more of Kimberley's history with museum visitors! 

I'm Barbara, a recent high school graduate who will be attending the University of Calgary for their Law and Society program this September. 

 Hi! I'm Emma, I attend Selkirk Secondary School, and will be returning in the fall for grade eleven. 

We are both very grateful for this opportunity to gain insight into Kimberley's heritage and share it with our community and visitors, so please stop by! Also, continue to check out the museum's blog and Facebook page, as we will be updating both with new information throughout the summer.

Thank-you, we look forward to your visit!