Description of the Museum

The Kimberley Heritage Museum occupies part of the second floor of the Kimberley Library / Museum building located at the west end (northwest, really) of the Platzl.

The building and display galleries are fully accessible: by elevator from the Library or via the ramp and doors to the second floor at the rear of the building.

Admission is $3 for adults (16+), $2 for students (12-16) and free for kids 12 and under. Please sign our guest book.

The Museum displays or stores 10,045 artifacts, 10,788 photographs, as well as maps, published books and small items for sale.  Since opening in May of 1980, over 210,000 patrons have visited the museum.

The Museum's Galleries

The main gallery occupies 92.4 m2 (995 sq ft) and is divided into several sections displaying items, photographs, and interpretive materials of local and general historical interest: mining, sports, household, technology, toys, and seasonally-changed display area.

The foyer gallery displays musical instruments and natural history items (no 'spoilers' !), and serves as our Gift Counter.

Print Materials Archive and Research Room

The research room houses our photographic and newspaper archives and provides working space for employees and volunteers.  It is closed to the general public.


Visiting the galleries

Patrons are requested to observe the following rules to help preserve the items on display for future enjoyment:
- no photographs except by permission
- do not touch the historical items on display, the showcases, stanchions, or security gates.


The Museum only loans out items in our collection or archives to other registered societies and museums.

Donating Items

The Museum accepts donations of items of local historical interest.  All items donated become the property of the Kimberley District Heritage Society to use as deemed by the Society.

Tax receipts are not provided.

Please phone 250.427-7510 to make an appointment if you wish to donate items.

History of The Kimberley Heritage Museum

Prior to 1978, there were no archives nor a museum in Kimberley to gather, store, or display local items of historical interest.

The Kimberley District Heritage Society was formed in 1978 and began gathering artifacts and fundraising the $129,000 that was its portion to construct the building in which the Museum is currently housed.

The Museum opened its doors in May of 1980.  Dozens of volunteers have, over the years, set up the displays, helped with research, gathered artifacts, and contributed to the atmosphere in the Platzl and the community.  There are currently 3 active volunteers and one employee.

The Non-profit Society

The Kimberley Heritage Museum is operated by the Kimberley District Heritage Society, a registered non-profit society with grants and in-lieu contributions from the City of Kimberley.

The purpose of the Society is to undertake activities dedicated to the study, research, preservation, restoration, classification storage and exhibition of Kimberley's heritage; and to foster an awareness and appreciation of Kimberley's past.

The Society also collaborates with two local societies to display historical items: the Miner's Cabin at Kimberley's Underground Mining Railway, and The Old Marysville School on the grounds of the current Marysville School. The latter is maintained by the Retired Teacher's Association.

There are currently (Sep 2012) seven 'directors' on its 'board'.

Society Membership Fees

     2.00          Student / Senior
     3.00          Adult
     5.00          Family
    15.00         Business
    25.00         Sponsor
   100.00        Benefactor
 1,000.00       Patron

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