Fees - Research

General guide to research fees, copyrights, searchable materials, etc.

Be advised the following fees are
very general guidelines only

Payment is ONLY accepted as CASH or CHEQUE made out to: “Kimberley District Heritage Society”

Each research request can vary in complexity, subject matter, type and location of materials to be searched, and format and level of detail requested.

A. Photographic Material
actual or scanned photographs

All original photos held by the museum are copyrighted to us. To obtain a copy you must agree to the following:

- attribution, one time use, no derivatives
     - you must credit the Museum if you publish the photo,
     - you are not allowed to digitally alter the photo without permission (you may adjust brightness, levels, etc.)
     - you are not allowed to provide individual copies to anyone else
     - you are not allowed to put the photo on a webpage

1) Online

Go to The Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History
to view and order prints of many of the Museum's photos

Their print prices start at $14.

2) Photos Stored at the Museum

Does NOT include time for researching / finding newspaper photos

- see “Printed-format materials search” further down this page

DOES include search of indexed* photos
*photos for which we have a catalogue / finding aid

a) Personal / non-commercial use
i) prints - ink-jet print of digital scan on photo quality paper
- picked up by patron                                        $20
- if mailed                            $20 plus postage and handling
- attribution, no derivatives
ii) digital scan                                                   $15
- by email only
- of original photos ‘as is’, no touch ups except brightness, contrast, etc.

b) Commercial use
- attribution, no derivatives
   - written consent for published articles

i) prints
- price to be determined

ii) digital scan                                                   $50
- 300 ppi
- of original photos ‘as is’, no touch ups or restorations except brightness, contrast, etc.

B. Printed-format materials search

hard-copy of old newspapers, published local history books, manuscripts, other textual materials

FYI Many editions of our old newspapers are available on microfiche at the BC Archives in Victoria.

Some documents are also available at the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History

a) basic search of indexed* subjects                                                              $5

- on-file and indexed* obituaries, previously researched subjects

b) basic search non-indexed subjects and archived newspapers                $10

- approx. ½ hour maximum, by volunteer, depending on their availability
- digital copy of scanned or photographed “clipping” or printed on plain paper

c) detailed search - priced by the hour
- cost and final total price depends on the complexity and detail of the subject and reporting you request
- fees go to the Museum, not the volunteer or the curator

- prices start at
      - professional research by the curator                                       $35 / hr
      - research by volunteer                                                              $15 / hr

- results of research can be provided on paper, at an extra fee, picked-up or mailed to you with the additional cost of postage and handling, OR emailed as digital files at no extra cost.

C. Other                                                             Individually priced
- search, details of and photograph of artifact
- mail delivery of copy of publications sold by the Museum

*photos for which we have a catalogue / finding aid

Payment is ONLY accepted as CASH or CHEQUE made out to: “Kimberley District Heritage Society”

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