Thursday, 12 January 2012

Class Photos Line the Hall - "The old facebook"

Artistic treatment of the - Class of '45 - on view at the Kimberley Heritage Museum

According to the movie, facebook was developed so college students could share things on line. Not that long ago, we had phones and things like this display at the Kimberley Heritage Museum.

Lining the halls between the top of the stairs and the Kimberley Library reading room are collages of ‘Class Photos’ spanning 22 years of high school graduating classes from McKim Junior/Senior High and Selkirk High Schools.

Many former students come to spend a good hour pouring over the collages, remembering this person and that person, and being amazed at how young they themselves looked. Perhaps you can spot your relative, or friend, or your parents’ friends whom you remember visiting when you were a child?

Details of the Display

Before 1958 and after Central School downtown closed, McKim Junior / Senior High was THE high school. After that, high school was held at the ‘high’ school – up the hill – Selkirk Secondary– where the last year of grade school is still held.

We have the grad class collages from 1939 to 1961;
Selkirk Secondary is the place to see the grad class photos from1962 to present.
We also display the Grade 8 class of 1932, and the Kimberley High School Class of 1933.

These photos are available for viewing anytime the Library is open, even if the Museum displays are not.


Selkirk High ca. 1967

Band at Expo ‘87


Selkirk High School annuals – 1958 to present

Do you have a Selkirk High School annual?  The Museum is seeking annuals from 1958 to the present day for our collection.  We currently have NO Selkirk annuals for the 1960s in particular.

Please drop by (105 Spokane St, Kimberley, BC – see openinghours to left), phone (250.427.7510), or email ( if you possibly have a donation.

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